Ayşen Özcanoğlu Gündüz


The “Co” in Co-Active suggests relationship, connection, intimacy and collaboration. Thus, the “Co” in us is curious, listens deeply, hears nuance, holds space for others, intuits and nurtures. The “Active” in Co-Active stands for power, direction, action and manifestation. So, the “Active” in us is courageous, has clarity and conviction, takes charge and achieves goals.

The magic happens in the dance between “Co” and “Active” — action that arises from presence, deep relationship and context…and presence that is channeled into dynamic action and contribution. Balancing and blending these energies allows us to move out of an “either/or” paradigm into a “yes/and” paradigm.



Values Based


Living a more fulfilling life starts with knowing your values. Here is a simple yet powerful truth. A more fulfilling life is simply a life where you more fully honor your values. In other words, a life that is more in line with what is most important to you. Therefore we start with working on your core values and use them to guide your decision making. And we can expect your fulfillment to increase, dramatically. It is just that simple.


Creating Awareness

We believe that the only key to living a life that matters is through awareness. On each journey you take with me, I help you become fully aware of your thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations in the moment. I help you get a clearer picture of your current internal and external realities, self-limiting patterns, strengths, potentials, choices and limitations





Our emotions and body are the most ignored but essential context for our learning, leadership and presence. In our work, we support you in creating genuine impact by being coherent, consistent and whole in your emotion, body and cognition.


Evoking Transformation

Change does not occur by trying to change. On the contrary, change occurs when one abandons, for a moment, who he would like to be and becomes aware of who he already is". In order to change, we first have to be aware of how we keep ourselves from changing and how that serves us. Throughout our work, we help you peel away your "should"s and "must"s through awareness and help you become more of who you are. I boldly take a stand for evoking transformation. I play a key role, by holding a vision of what is possible and through my commitment to transformative experience.



Being At Choice


We are constantly making choices even when we are not aware of making them. The choices we make, determine the actions we take and the life we create. Through awareness, we help you become more conscious of your choices and expand your possibilities. We support you in taking productive, purposeful action for a more satisfying life that is consistent with what matters to you most.



If you keep doing what you always do, don’t ask for a different result. Our work helps you break your habitual patterns that do not serve you anymore. We encourage you to try on new behaviour and build persistence to sustain them over time





I ask truly curious questions with a curious frame of mind. I explore your world in you, without superimposing my world on yours. The information is inside you. My curiosity allows you to explore and discover. And by finding your solutions in yourself-rather than in me- you become even more resourceful. Curiosity generates the search, defines and directs it, and it is your exploring that creates learning. And it is the kind of learning that lasts, because it comes from within. This is the learning that leads to sustainable change and growth.



For knowledge to become wisdom, it has to be integrated and embodied. Research* shows that people remember only 20% of what they hear, but remember 95% of what they experience. We provide you with experiential, playful and intuitive learning where you learn by doing and feeling the knowledge in your bones.





Throughout our work, we guide you to discover and tap into your own creative resources. By creativity, we help you to overcome your blocks and expand your capacity to take risks. We support you to nourish and sustain your creative spirit in both your personal and professional life.